International Games Federation of United World

Member International Council of Sports Science in Physical Education

Affiliated with International Olympic Committee


There will three type of affiliation and one type of membership
Note : We are ready to add any Olympic or non olympic game from any corner of the world which is played at least in four countries.

  • international game affiliation can be given to any international game federation of which branches are in more than 8 countries.
    Apply for international game affiliation here
    Fees 300 usd
  • national game affiliation can be given to any national country of the world who has any game national federation which has at least 8 branches in their country for that particular game.
    Apply for National game affiliation here
    Fees 250 usd
  • all game national federation affiliation can be given to that particular federation which can control all games of any country Apply for all game national federation here
    Fees 250 usd
  • individual membership can be given to any resident of any country who is not the part of any organization and still want to come in our actvities . Will get our identity card/ emblem
    Apply for individual membership
    Fees 125 usd